A DRUNK found himself back in court after breaching for the third time an order banning him from boozing in town.

Paul Hillier was seen sipping from a can of dry cider in Havelock Square as he was approached by police on August 7. He moved on when asked by officers, telling them: “I was hoping to get nicked today.”

The 50-year-old, of Radnor Street, was one of five men made subject to a wide-ranging banning order in April.

The injunction, obtained by Swindon Borough Council, banned the group from being in five spots in the town centre – including Havelock Square – drinking alcohol outdoors, and acting aggressively towards anyone anywhere in Swindon.

Hillier has already been hauled before the county court twice since April for boozing in the town centre. In June, he was given a 26 day suspended jail sentence for the second order breach.

This week, District Judge Michelle Crooknorth stopped short of activating the suspended sentence.

But she said the breach of the order should be marked on Hillier’s file: “I consider that this is a deliberate breach with regards to the injunction. It’s clear that Mr Hillier does know and is aware of the terms of the injunction order.”

Hillier was not present in court.