WE want more pictures of terible parkinbg in Swindon.

Last week, after the government recommended a blanket ban on parking on the pavements, we asked Adver readers to send us pictures of the worst cases they had seen.

And we received a flood of pictures from across Swindon with cars parked across footpaths and double-yellow lines.

This Is Wiltshire:

Darryl Price, 57, sent in a picture of a taxi parked across the pavement in front of the train station.

He said: “You want to see it on a Friday night.

“They’re parked across the bus lane and when you tell them or ask them to move, they just tell you to get lost.

“Because they’re parked across the pavement, it forces people out into the bus lane. If you’re walking towards the train station and have to step into the lane you might not see or here a bus coming up behind you and it’s incredibly dangerous.”


Pavement parking examples

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This Is Wiltshire:

Andy Poulton sent in a shot of a 4x4 parked over on the pavement and a set of double yellow lines, taken in Borough Field, Royal Wootton Bassett.

He said: “It’s not a quiet road and if there was a wheelchair user or even mums with prams it could force them on to the road.

“Even cars coming the other way would have to stop to let other cars through. There is the potential for it to cause a bit of a mess.”

This Is Wiltshire:

Derek Smith, 69, spotted a car parked on the pavement as he was leaving his house in The Brow in Haydon Wick to pick up his wife.

He said: “With this instance I was pulling off the drive as he pulled up to the pavement and he said he’ll only be a couple of minutes. Thirty minutes later when I came back his car was still there.

“The roads can be busy, especially with it being around a school.

"There are mums with pushchairs trying to get by and it forces them into the road, putting their lives at risk.

“It’s completely unnecessary, it seems people value their cars more than they do lives.”

This Is Wiltshire:

A number of other readers sent in images with the common theme being a worry for pedestrian safety, especially when it came to wheelchair users or parents and pushchairs.