A CLIMATE change workshop designed to get people sharing their concerns was held at Holy Trinity Church in Trowbridge last week.

The aim of the event was to bring members of the community and representatives from local government to discuss various themes regarding this topic.

Groups shared ideas and opinions toward forming a response to Wiltshire Council’s recent motion on climate emergency.

Councillor Oldrieve said: "This was a fantastic event where you could really feel the enthusiasm from those taking part. Wiltshire Council are woefully behind where they should be when it comes to addressing the climate emergency and we are determined to change that from the grassroots up.

"We will be following this up with another event in the next month or so and I would encourage anyone who is interested to get involved."

Town councillor Chris Hoar said: "I have recently been elected to the town council and one of the main promises I made was to push from the bottom up to address the climate emergency.

"This evening was exactly the thing we should be doing by engaging with the local community and finding out what they want to happen. Anyone who is concerned about man-made climate change should attend and have their voice and ideas heard."