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This is just the start of something new...

Despite the current chaos and uncertainty, I want to offer words of encouragement to the thousands of fellow Brexiteers in Swindon.

This is just the beginning of something completely new. We have travelled so far in so short a period of time. And we are not going away – quite the opposite. We continue to grow and strengthen whilst becoming the banner under which many others in this country seek to play their part.

The variety and breadth of Brexit Party candidates are proof that real people do exist in politics and really can make a difference.

We will do everything we can to vindicate the faith people have placed in us. Whenever the election might come, we are ready to Change Politics for Good.

We cannot predict what will happen nationally, but we must ensure that we are ready to spread our message of hope for Swindon.

The talents and skills that exist today in and around the town must not be allowed to disappear. Swindon has a proud history of reinventing itself. Brexit is an opportunity to lead the way yet again.

Justin Stares, Brexit Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Swindon South

There’s a spring in the step of the Lib Dems

Writing from Bournemouth and the Liberal Democrat conference, there is a spring in the step of delegates and a new purpose. Our decision to revoke Article 50 if we gain a majority at the next General election puts clear blue water between us and both the Conservatives and Labour.

The fact that moderate members from both those parties are now in our ranks shows the way that things are going.

Sam Gyimah made his move to join us on Saturday at the opening Rally saying “the issue is Beyond Brexit, as the Conservatives veer towards populism and English Nationalism”.

I had the chance to talk with Chuka Umunna the one time Labour leadership hopeful, who has joined our ranks and told me just how friendly he has found the reception since he joined our ranks.

The fringe meetings are all part of the atmosphere of Conference as was the dip I took in the sea yesterday. At this morning’s prayer breakfast, the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum had talks from former leader Tim Farron and the recent by-election winner from Brecon Jane Dodds. We also heard from Tearfund and their project to help rid the developing world of plastics, so a timely chance to tell them of Swindon based Recycling Technologies and their plastic recycling process.

There is much to be optimistic about and the Liberal Democrats really are the positive hopeful alternative the country needs.

Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire and Cllr for Box and Colerne

Problem is obvious

With the accidents and near misses at the zebra crossing in Hay Lane West Swindon it is obvious why it’s happening,

The crossing is on a slight incline – there are two bus stops, one either side of the road, and it’s near a road junction (like most crossings in Swindon).

I think the only way to stop this happening is to move the crossing or make it a pelican crossing.

Gary Darling, West Swindon

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