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Self-serving and inept

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed a more self-serving bunch of inept financial gravy train chancers running my country until the present. Their performances in Parliament would shame even a banana republic by their continuing ineptitude to make a firm decision after three years and three months of disgraceful conduct.

Business needs stability. Families need stability. The human race craves stability.

I honestly have had enough regarding the endless drivel of what Boris is going to do next, what Cameron’s memoirs tells us, who is doing what regarding the dog and cat in 10 Downing street.

The legal appeals that must make solicitors think it is a licence to print money. Which it is, but it is hard-working taxpayers’ money.

As we are all passing through this dimension. All things come to an end, let me remind the so-called Honourable MPs.

A fine and scrupulous sense of what is right. I suspect that 17.4 million British citizens have their doubts about that one, as I do.

Come the day of reckoning which will come. Make no mistake, it always does. The anger of the common people will win the day.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

The NHS is sick

Have you had difficulty getting a GP or hospital appointment?

Have you had to wait a long time for either? Has your outpatient appointment or operation been cancelled at the last minute?

Have you been kept waiting in A&E – either to be seen by a doctor or to be admitted to a ward? Have you been discharged from hospital ‘inappropriately’ – in a hurry, in the middle of the night, without adequate support being available (either in your own home or in a residential or nursing home)?

There have been too many accounts of such events recently.

Why? Because they are all symptoms of a ‘life-threatening illness’ from which the NHS, itself, is now suffering.

As with many patients who are over 70 years old, the NHS has more than one ‘diagnosis’.

It is suffering from malnutrition; it has been starved of adequate food – the ‘resources’ of both money and manpower. It is also suffering from a cancerous burgeoning bureaucracy which is now affecting its main organs and is infiltrating its ‘brain’ and ‘central’ nervous system.

Socially, its ‘housing’ is no longer fit for purpose and cannot cope with today’s ‘lifestyle’. Its buildings are too small and have too few beds to deal with the number of ‘visitors’, who often outstay their welcome to become ‘bed-blockers’.

Without ‘radical surgery’, a blood transfusion, an adequate diet and some re-housing, it is in danger of an early death.

Sadly, neither doctors nor surgeons can perform the type of surgery and associated treatment that is needed – only politicians can. But, will they take it on?

Malcolm Morrison, Retired surgeon, Prospect Hill

Lib Dems don’t get it

In 2008 the Lib Dems demanded a ‘in or out’ referendum on EU membership, stating “Only a real referendum on the EU will let the British people decide our country’s future”. Jo Swinson, now Lib Dem leader, was even more exacting.

It appears she has had a change of heart; a change driven more by the result of the referendum than any desire on her part to do what’s best for the country.

However, we should not be surprised as the Lib Dems really are the asters of making promises and then consigning them to the rubbish bin – who could possibly forget the pledge to eliminate tuition fees?

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive

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