Adver readers had a mixed response to the decision not to follow-up Dr Marsh's proposals and explore whether they might be feasible.

Richard Howroyd wrote: "It's just a shame that due to pig headed party politics the council doesn’t at least explore innovative ideas rather than continue along the same path of not delivering anything. Swindon’s version of Brexit."

Daniel Adams addressed Coun Jim Robbins, who spoke in support of exploring the plan, directly: "What’s your view on the possibility that the whole scheme could be considered somewhat questionable from HMRCs point of view? If it was found to be would you still support it?"

A reader using the name Galaxy Man supported the administration: "Fair enough, it would appear on the face of it anyway, that the council have considered it before rejecting it."

Some aspects of the plan appealed to a reader using the name Qualia, who wrote: "A monorail does seem a little silly but having a University and canal side living has worked well and regenerated many post industrial towns throughout the UK."

But Jeremiah Trimble said: "It’s ridiculous to not at least take a serious look at the ideas. Even if not all of it is feasible, practical or sensible, that doesn’t mean that some parts of it wouldn’t be beneficial to the town. I applaud Dr. Marsh for trying, but am disappointed in the council yet again."