PARK-AND-RIDE schemes are expected to start in two expanding areas of Swindon.

But this could take six months for the borough council to collect enough data to see whether the project is viable.

Councillors have expressed their frustration regarding traffic problems across Swindon.

Senior highways officer Syed Shah told the Adver last week: “Park-and-ride schemes are still in the draft local plan at Wichelstowe and the New Eastern Villages.”

Here’s what you told us on Facebook and on our website...

Amy Smith-Williams: “We already had park and rides and caused an uproar when they closed them! Now they want to have two new ones. May be re-open the old ones as they are still there lying dormant.”

Maria Phillips: “You need a reason to go into town, and at the moment there are hardly any. Some of my friends haven’t visited the town centre for 10 years.”

Carl Gilbert: “I wish the council actually did something right for once rather than try and make Swindon go further downhill.”

Christine Ricks: “What again! There’s one already to use in Penhill but it was closed because no one used it, so let’s waste more money and build two more.”

Simon Cousens: “No! There’s one that’s all overgrown and not in use, we don’t need another white elephant! Stop wasting our money on rubbish ideas that no one uses.”

Derek Rutland: “Why not use the one that’s standing empty and have grass growing in it instead of spending money on two new ones. Yet again wasting money.”

Angie Jilbert-Lane: “You’d think they would do something with the town first to make worth while to have a park and ride.”

David Charter: “I worry about whoever still thinks park and rides for Swindon are a good idea.

“They tried two and they both failed, nothing wrong with trying as you won’t know until you try but then to think about opening two more (one of which is just around the corner from one of those that closed) surely has to be borderline insanity.

“Why not try from J16 with an en route stop at outlet village and another from J15 with a stop at hospital, go through town centre and then terminate at outlet village.”

Marcus Jerome: “Waste of money in current climate and a dying town centre, money could be better spent.”

Alex Pidoux: “What they really need to do is look at the traffic inbound from north Swindon.

Either re-open the old park and ride there or that road in towards Moonrakers needs to be two lanes. The amount of traffic along there between 7.30am and 9.30am is unreal. Re-open park and ride north please.”

Pat Cole: “Oh yeah, that went well last time. One giant car park by Penhill covered in weeds.”

Kevin Spackman: “Why park and rides when you don’t use ones we had and now closed.”

Martin O'Neill: “We got a park and ride in Groundswell which has turned into a nice nature reserve.”

Sandra Hollands: “They were good years ago especially at Christmas time.”

Steve Strange: “Give us a break. Most of the buses I see are mostly empty.”

Nick O’Teen: “I did use the Groundwell park and ride a few times when it was working, the big problem for me was that it closed stupidly-early in the evening, which as a self-employed person who often didn’t really know when my working-day would end was a real problem!”