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PM should resign

Boris Johnson lied to the Queen and broke the law in a desperate attempt to prevent our democratically elected parliament from scrutinising his actions relating to the EU. Hardly surprising given he is one of the people who left ‘the truth at home’ during the 2016 referendum campaign and who was also effectively accused of lying in an unprecedented intervention by the head of UK Statistics Authority during that campaign.

Indeed, it is worth noting that Johnson’s defence in the ongoing attempt to prosecute him for misconduct in public office for those 2016 lies relating to our EU membership has never been that he didn’t lie, but rather, that he was not acting in an official capacity whilst campaigning.

It is also worth remembering that the lies told by Johnson and co in 2016 are the very reason why so many people in this country refuse to accept the referendum result as legitimate, something reinforced by the recent admission by Jacob Rees-Mogg that if another referendum were to be held, the leave campaign would lose.

Johnson and his government know that what they are doing is wrong. Johnson should resign and Article 50 should be revoked forthwith.

Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Carbon plan can’t work

Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech came right out of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

The Labour Party wants to take state control for the production of medicines which, if allowed, will cut research. Mass-produced, second-rate medicines put lives at risk. The seizure of any new research will in turn will stop drugs companies from investing in new products again, leading to fewer medicines.

All non-eco cars will be confiscated, there will be one plane trip every five years for the middle and working-class families but everyone else above these two stations in life can take has many as they like. Families will be on state rations for meat – all of this to make the UK carbon neutral within by 2030.

This Labour Party should be renamed The Looney Left Party. What Corbyn wants is a state-run country, just like a few in South America.

Get behind Boris Johnson, give him a chance. At least he’s adamant we leave the EU on October 31 and is not dithering about sat on a fence.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Fulcher was betrayed

I WATCHED the latest episode of A Confession on ITV and live in Covingham, not far from where the monster Christopher Halliwell lived.

The dedicated police officer Steve Fulcher, who nailed this evil murderer, was hounded and demoted into leaving the police force and losing his pension.

In the TV series he is applauded by all his hard-working murder squad colleagues for his success.

He walks into a mini supermarket and is applauded by everyone in there when they recognise him.

Yet the PC charlatan brigade who seem at the moment to be in charge of our country destroyed his career on a legal, nonsensical human rights issue in giving criminals a verbal warning before they are charged

Did the victims get that concession?

Finally, and with all due respect to both of the families who suffered their tragic grief at the loss of their young daughters, is it not time that we had a referendum on bringing back the hangman’s noose for such heinous crimes?

Bill Williams, Covingham, Swindon

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