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Where’s the democracy?

So Parliament is sitting at last again.

This brought about by a load of traitors and Remainers who will do anything to subvert the democratic will of 17.4 million voters.

Lots of them are has beens or wannabees. I refer of course to Tony Blair and John Major. What did they ever do for us the British public? Tony Blair allowed open gates to virtually all immigrants, just so that they would vote for the left wing.

Major himself prorogued parliament just before he traitorously signed in into the EU when parliament has advised against it.

Democracy? Don’t make me laugh. Too many of these politicians have things to hide and unseen motives for this way of spoiling the will of the majority.

Boris Johnson, like him or not, is the only politician who has actually done anything to support the referendum vote.

Boris is a fighter and that’s why people will follow him. Brits have always admired fighters. We can still get what the referendum promised us.

All we have to do is pressurise these MPs who are ignoring all their constituents.

If we don’t then perhaps Nigel’s Brexit Party will wake up the country. God I hope so.

The same applies the the Supreme Court. Flexing its muscles. What are they going to proclaim on next that affect you and I? Doing all this from their ivory towers with no knowledge of how we ordinary people live and work. Shame on all of this cabal of interfering self seeking idiots just looking after themselves not us and the country.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Never forgotten

Re Fulcher was betrayed (Adver, 26/9/19, Bill Williams).

Since Cain slew Abel , murder has stained the human race. It is a dreadful crime.

Detective Fulcher had taken the suspect, Halliwell, to a field in the Wiltshire countryside in order to press him for information regarding the murders but failed to caution him or read him his rights.

Does this matter?

Mr Fulcher’s actions caused a High Court judge to rule that this breach of police guidelines made Halliwell’s confession of killing both women inadmissable. It almost derailed the case.

In 2013 the Independent Police Complaints Commission found that Fulcher had a case to answer for misconduct.

A year later he was found guilty of gross misconduct and received a second warning. Four months later he resigned. Resigned, Mr Williams, not ‘hounded out.’

TV dramas are there to gain ratings.

And such a series as ‘A Confession’ however superbly done, is there to sell, make money.

If schoolchildren had to do a project would they read the required books on the case or simply watch the TV series for information and little else as Bill Williams appears to have done?

We all want the good cop to (whether fiction or in real life) to remove the ‘bad guys’ from society, but rules are in place for a reason.

Alleged killers at this stage-have human rights too - what Bill Williams calls ‘nonsensical human rights.’

No doubt Mr Fulcher is not short of a bob or two after his book was serialised on television. Many ex-coppers appear on the television. I wish him the best.

And we must not forget the parents of the dead women so cruelly removed from life.

I therefore request that every church in Swindon remembers in their prayers this week,the victims parents, relatives and friends for the ‘peace that passeth understanding.’ (Philippians 4:7)

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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