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A battle is looming

I was pleasantly surprised to read Justin Tomlinson’s column (SA, September 29) which decidedly hinted at contrition and regret?

It’s possible that even he is beginning to question his support for the type of man Johnson is.

I have warned on at least three occasions in these columns, that behind the bumbling and unkempt exterior, this man is a cunning egotist whose ambition knows no bounds. There is nothing and no one he would not sacrifice on the altar of his own self-aggrandisement.

This week’s events in the Commons, graphically exposed the future election strategy that Johnson, and the unelected ‘dangerous’ Damian Cummings, have decided on.

It will be a battle … with him, his acolytes, and the vocal right wing on the one side against the establishment on the other. The language being used is not accidental. It is carefully crafted and designed to inflame hatred and division. You will hear much more of “People versus Parliament” and “Surrender Bill”, “Traitors” and the “Ongoing War”.

I don’t have much time for Jeremy Corbyn but even he recognised this week that Johnson is deliberately whipping up division, with language that is indistinguishable from that of the far right.

The appalling thing is that this approach worked for Donald Trump and as Jess Philips said last night “what worked for one narcissist might very well work for another”.

Ironically people like him and Rees Mogg are in fact just about ‘as establishment’ as you can get. They have an agenda which is not to do with the country or Parliament taking back control, it’s rather them taking control, and I tell you, ordinary working people will NOT be their priority.

The rot took hold at the very beginning, when Teresa May should have said, OK we have a referendum result, a little more than half of the population voted to leave the EU, and a little less than half voted to stay in the EU. That is a victory for those who want to leave, but in leaving we must pay due respect to those who wanted to stay. She should have then sought consensus. But No. Instead she believed (mistakenly) she could do the whole thing herself, and bask in the glory she calculated this would deliver. She had not bargained for the sinister right wing forces pervasive throughout today’s Conservative Party.

Even Johnson’s own family are beginning to question his methods. I suspect, as Bill Williams would say, ‘the good British public’, will see through Johnson eventually, and he will be exposed for the lying, conceited, egomaniacal, charlatan that he is.

John Stooke, Havisham Drive, Swindon

Listen to villagers

There are times when I wonder if certain elected representatives live in a parallel universe, “Villagers’ plea for help as teens cause havoc” (SA, September 27).

I would ask Mr Macpherson, how many cadets or sports groups meet at 2am in the morning? I suggest the questions he should be asking are: Why are these teenagers hanging around in a field at 2am in the morning and why aren’t their parents concerned about their whereabouts.Unless they have to do night work most people are in a deep sleep at 2am in the morning.

It seems to me Mr Macpherson needs to pay attention to the comments of ward councillor Brian Ford who said, “Within the last couple of weeks we have had people taking bottles out of recycling boxes and smashing them, it’s absolutely mindless. “We need to have police presence in the later hours of the evening to counter act this.”

Kenneth Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

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