CAMPAIGNERS fighting for a 30mph speed limit on Smallbrook Road in Warminster have won town council support.

The council's Town Development committee voted unanimously to support proposals going to the Warminster Community Area Transport Group to introduce a 30mph limit on Smallbrook Road and the wider area.

Cllr Tony Jackson suggested that a virtual footpath might be painted along Smallbrook Road to encourage drivers to consider pedestrians using it.

Fiona Stafford, of Henford Marsh, requested that the speed limit on Smallbrook road be reduced from 60mph to 30mph or 20 mph.

Tyler French, of Henford Marsh, called for a reduced speed limit on Smallbrook road because of the risk to pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

Clare Hancock, of Willow Crescent, spoke of the high number of dead toads and newts found by Smallbrook Toad Patrol in a single hour in single evening. 

It was noted that any toad crossing was not in the remit of CATG and any proposal would have to funded from another source.