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Silencing the critics

Everyone needs a little irony to brighten their day.

Since the days of the great Teo Teodrewitz, of Mike Broadbanks, Phil Crump, Bob Kilby, Barry Briggs, Mad Welly, et al, on one or more evenings each fortnight, for six months a year, the sound of unsilenced speedway bikes skidding across cinders, has been an institution in rural farmland a little north of Swindon, eight warming little background melodies that said everything in the world is OK.

Fast forward to 2019, when, after decades of discussion about a rebuilt stadium with modern facilities, the hour finally arrives for its approval.

However, by now, it happens to be right in the middle of a housing estate, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the residents are complaining about noise! Could there really have been a Persimmon buyer who ‘didn’t notice’ they were buying a house next door to a speedway stadium?

So after 15 years of widespread consultation and the most meticulous planning, the hapless borough council environmental health team, seconds before the grant of planning permission, wait for it, has called for a report on how the owners plan to deal with noise. Yes, really.

Is this a case of closing the number six trap after the greyhound has bolted?

John Stooke, Haydon End, Swindon

Got to be in it to win it

In reply to Tony Mayer (SA, October 5) regarding his nonsensical drivel regarding democracy, I use these words very carefully after due consideration and afterthought.

It is quite simple. Us common people – the vast majority of the British population – vote them in. And then we vote them out if we don’t agree with their decisions. I quote: ‘Brexiteers demonstrate a profound ignorance of the principles of a representative democracy’.

He demonstrates a more profound ignorance regarding the British electorate and their common sense.

Let me remind him of the Oxford Dictionary regarding a referendum. It is a general vote and not selective as he states, quoting the votes cast in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

He then mentions our national interests.

Try that one on a soapbox in any fishing village on our island while a giant foreigner trawler sweeps their livelihoods up before the end of October.

Finally if the referendum was only advisory.

Perhaps he could explain on these pages in reply to me and other proud Brexiteers where the ballot paper stated quite clearly in or out.

May I also remind him that his ridiculous comment on the percentage of non voters of the old saying, be it for bingo players or raffle ticket buyers: If you are not in it, you won’t win it.

Bill Williams, Covingham, Swindon

Failed bid to fix Tory rift

In his letter ‘Respect our wishes’ (SA, October 2), Bill Williams peddles Boris Johnson’s electioeering cry of ‘people against Parliament’ and rages against the ‘establishment’ frustrating Brexit.

Yet Bill claims he was formerly a shop steward.

It must be a very strange kind of shop steward who is not aware that Johnson and co are the establishment and that furthermore this whole Brexit mess was only inflicted upon us by the right-wing elite in a failed attempt to fix a rift in the Tory party in the first place.

Steve Rouse, Wroughton

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