LITTLE Kickers has young children worldwide running around playing football.

There's a club based in Swindon and Chippenham but has grown to 32 different countries with over 300 franchises.

Started in 2002 in the UK when its founder Christine Stanschus found a gap in pre-school football classes.

Christine couldn’t believe there wasn't any pre-school classes to get young children involved in and child obesity is an issue, so she decided to do it herself.

Jack Carrington who coaches at Little Kickers in Swindon told the Adver: “Lots of the children who attend are not predominantly into football. They attend because they learn about other fundamental skills through football in the sessions. So we really are a lot different to other football organisations."

The brand was started to mainly focus on fun and child development rather than the skill.

It has now become the world's largest pre-school football academy with over 2,000 coaches.

Swindon's Little Kickers is based in Penhill at St Lukes Primary School and has been running for over a year.

Jack said: “Our motto is play not push, we never force a child to take part in an activity if they don’t want to do.

“We’re not just about football, the children learn about colours, numbers and using their imagination whilst playing the game.

“I picked the location because it’s a really nice community centre. It’s got a really lovely hall and I just thought it was a really nice place to start up."

The idea is to make the sessions pressure-free and giving the children a positive introduction to the sport, to 'play not push'.

Jack started off as a coach in a primary school: “It’s just been my passion. I started off as a coach and just went on from there.

“I aim to create as fun and friendly an environment as possible."

There are four different football classes for the different age groups with input from child health specialists for guidance.

Little Kickers runs a rugby club called Little Rugby with the same idea as the football club.