THE Heart in Hand pub raised more than £2,000 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance with a charity day filled with competitions.

The Blunsdon pub hosted a competitions for best cake, longest runner bean, heaviest marrow and best vegetable display earlier this month which raised £1,070

A pub trip to Stratford-upon-Avon where they asked for donations from people in pubs they visited boosted their fundraising total to £2,100.

Landlord Steve Leppard said: "This is the most we've ever raised for a charity in one year. Over 400 people came to our party on the patio which was brilliant.

"During our trip, we'd play a game where, for an hour we would 'fine' people for silly things like drinking beer in the wrong hand and things like that.

"After they found out what we were fundraising for, complete strangers donated £10 and £20 notes, we were really surprised by the amount.

"I'm very grateful to all the people who donated and to the community that gives us so much support in organising our yearly charity day, manning stalls and helping out in any way they can."

Earlier this month , the Wiltshire Air Ambulance launched a new Sky's the Limit campaign with TV presenter Paul Martin challenging businesses to raise as much money as possible using £50.

The charity needs £3.75 million a year to keep its lifesaving service operational.