INSPIRING stories were told when Nationwide Building Society celebrated Ada Lovelace Day.

The internationally-recognised event is named after the woman regarded as the world's first computer programmer thanks to her groundbreaking work in the 1840s.

Nationwide marked the occasion with talks about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with a particular focus on technology.

It focused on bringing to life the types of roles and opportunities available in technology within the financial services organisation to its current employees.

Rowena Harwar, the event speaker and is the head of programme architecture at Nationwide, said: “I’m enormously proud to have been part of this event, having started at Nationwide as a graduate myself and moved into technology-related roles.

"I think it’s incredibly important we talk about the types of roles women may be interested in relating to STEM, to help educate the next generation of influential role models.”

Those attending had the chance to hear from senior woman in technology at Nationwide, who told their own inspiring stories, and which fostered conversations during the session.

Ada Lovelace Day was initiated in 2009 and aims to increase the profile of women in STEM-related subjects.

In doing so, it helps create new role models who can encourage more girls into STEM careers, support women already working in these subjects, and provide more awareness to women who may be interested in a career change into a related role.