ADVER readers pushed for Great Western Hospital to be expanded and for more staff to be hired after having to wait hours to be seen by a doctor.

The hospital issued an alert last night to tell patients that it was extremely busy due to a very high volume of people visiting A&E.

Readers responded by suggesting ways to alleviate the pressure on staff and recalling problems they've had in the past when going for treatment.

Darryl Duncan said: "I feel for the staff. Excellent at what they do but extremely busy, it's not fair, this town is too big for the facilities.

"I was there 23 hours but I was well looked after given the staff were running around with high demand. Those people need looking after and given a reward for the work they do and the abuse they get on a daily basis. Hats off to everyone at GWH."

Maria Phillips said: "The hospital has not enough beds. The staff are brilliant, but they have people in corridors on trolleys a lot of the time and these are not time wasters, these are people that need to be admitted."

Mel Gaskin said: "I have nothing but admiration for anyone working in the NHS. We all know and understand the huge strain its under."

John Cousins said: "Had to take my youngest boy up on Monday, over an hour's wait to get blood taken. Staff were working flat out but the clinic was rammed, I had to stand as there were not enough seats for all those waiting."

Steph Owen said: "I had to take my son up Tuesday, we were very lucky and were seen within minutes of arriving but there were so many people there! The majority of them probably didn't even need to be there."

Fiona Carter said: "My 87-year-old mother fell at home and was taken in by ambulance. 13 hours on a trolley in A&E is not acceptable. Really is time to sort it out."

Katie Grey said: "We need a bigger hospital and more staff as the staff do a great job but are under so much pressure with the poor conditions and lack of space of what was meant to be a great hospital.

"The car parking is taken up by the staff making it difficult for people who need to be seen or visit to park because the people who built this hospital didn't use a logical brain."

 June Law said: "Hospital too small. Staff overworked due to shortage of staff. As long as new housing developments continue, our hospital is going to get worse through no fault of their own.
To all the staff at GWH, you do a great job. Thankyou."

Sarah Mowat said: "People need to stop going for things that are not urgent or life threatening."

Justine Peapell said: "The town is growing and the hospital is too small. You have to be really lucky to get a GP appintment.

"While people are waiting, their symptoms get worse. When you call 111, they send you to your nearest walk-in or A&E department to then be asked why you are there and not going to your GP."