A GRIEVING mother whose son was killed in a car crash in Holland has thanked the public after more than £10,000 has been raised to bring his body back home to Trowbridge.

Ashley Overend, 26, was killed when he was driving home from Germany after making a delivery for work on October 1 when his van was involved in a collision with a 44 tonne truck.

Now his mum, Debra Hanham, has thanked everyone who has donated as Ashley’s body will be flown home this week and arrangements can be made for his funeral.

Mrs Hanham said: “I am so overwhelmed with the support and generosity we have received.

“I couldn’t imagine having to deal with this otherwise, with the worry of how we are going to pay to get Ashley home.

“I was so relieved to hear Ashley would be flying home this week, although it was very emotional.

“All the support we have received has really has provided me with some comfort, and I think donating has also comforted other people as they feel as if they have helped and done what they can.

“We have also been able to pay for Ashley’s brother who lives in New Zealand to come home.

“I have had some wonderful messages from people, some who didn’t even know him but just offering us support.

“Ashley has lots of amazing friends in Trowbridge, and was a bit of a crazy kid sometimes.

“He absolutely loved his motorbikes, and I as a mum always worried something like this would happen but I thought it would be with him on his motorbike, as he has had a couple of accidents before.”

Mrs Hanham spoke to Ashley the day before he died, after he rang her to say he had lost his wallet.

She added: “I spoke to him on Tuesday morning, laughing about how long the motorway was, 448km.

“He said he would see me later as he had lost his wallet the previous day and I was to reorder his driving licence. I said goodbye, drive safe.

“At 12:35am Wednesday morning I received the dreaded knock on the door from the police.

“If he hadn’t lost his wallet I wouldn’t have spoken to him the day before so I am so grateful that he did, and I am hoping it may come back in the post as a final keepsake.

“We as a family were faced with a repatriation cost of £5,500 just to get this gorgeous boy home.

“Thank you so much to everyone for their incredibly generous support of our family. It means so much.

“Thank you all for your kind messages I promise I will reply to each and every one of you as soon as I can.

“I am a heartbroken mum.”

Over 400 people have made donations online via the Go Fund Me page, with many also leaving messages of sympathy to Ashley’s family.

Rosie Paull said: “You introduced me to bacon and egg sarnies Ash, you would laugh at me now knowing I’m a vegetarian.

“I know you’re having an absolute ball up there hunny, until we meet again.”

Carly Tanner said: “I didn’t know this lad, but no parent should ever have too experience this. Sending you huge amounts of love.”

Donations to help Ashley’s family can still be made at www.gofundme.com/f/repatriation-for-ashley-overend

Ashley’s funeral will be now be held on Friday, October 25 at West Wiltshire crematorium at Semington at 11.30am.