CHARITY Threshold Housing Link and outdoor store TOG24 have joined forces to launch a campaign to keep homeless people warm this winter.

'Swap-a Coat’ will see customers bring their old coats into TOG24's Outlet store to be donated to the Swindon organisation in return for 15 per cent off a new coat.

Michael Keenan, chief development officer at the charity said: “As the weather becomes colder and wetter the demand on the critical human services our charity provides simply increases.

“We are very proud to announce such a fantastic partnership as we launch this brilliant campaign with TOG24. ”

Donna Emms, TOG24 area supervisor came up with the idea.

She said: “It’s a well-known fact that homelessness is an ever growing concern in Swindon.

“We wanted to do something special for the homeless community,” she added.

“Working for a family-run business, community is close to our hearts and I wanted to find a way that we could link the two,” Donna added.

TOG24 is the new Business Against Homelessness partner for Threshold.

Donna continued: “During the winter, TOG24 is known for its warm and waterproof jackets so I began to think how could this benefit someone.

“I was very impressed with the work that I saw Threshold undertaking and I reached out to them.

“It is a long-standing local charity which does great work for the homeless community,” added Donna.

Originally the campaign was planned only for the TOG24 store at the Designer Outlet in Swindon.

But after being impressed, the company has launched the Coat-Swap Campaign across more than 20 UK stores. Each one has nominated a local homeless charity to benefit.

“Together we hope we can warm those that are sleeping rough and in desperate need, not just in Swindon, but via nominated homeless charities across the entire UK,” Michael continued.

Based in St John's Street, Threshold Link provides an outreach service offering support and advice to homeless individuals and those threatened with homelessness. It also offers three supported accommodation resettlement schemes.

Swap a Coat runs until October 24.