CARERS are needed to look after vulnerable young refugees when they come into Wiltshire.

Campaign group Wiltshire for Refugees want to increase the number of foster carers available to take children in across the area.

The majority are boys in their mid to late teens and one of the most important factors for their future wellbeing is a foster carer.

Former Kindertransport refugee who came to England during the the Second World War, Lord Alf Dubs said: “Young people are entitled to be helped by us to have a life, to have safety, to have love and affection. To get on with things, instead of this fearful existence, worried about their safety every night.”

Isla of Wiltshire For Refugees said: "We are calling on people across Wiltshire to find about more about fostering and supported lodgings and take the first step to supporting a young refugee."

A foster care information evening will be held at Corsham Town Hall on the high street on October 23 from 7pm for people to hear more about getting involved.

Saeed a refugee studying in Wiltshire said: “Since being in foster care, I have had lots of opportunities.

"I have a job, I have been to school and now at college I play rugby and I am learning to drive.

"People like me need a family, opportunities and support during difficult times.

"I would encourage more people to become foster carers to help other children like me because some children do not have a good life.”

Kerry Beety, Saeed’s foster carer said: “We started fostering Saeed when he first arrived in England at 14 years old. It was only supposed to be for two weeks!  But almost three and a half  years later, we are a family of four. 

"Having Saeed as part of our family seemed like a natural process.  It was a very big learning curve with different cultures and religions, but we’d do it all again in a heartbeat.  

"Fostering any refugee comes with challenges, but as we continue to work through them, we grow stronger together. Maci has an older brother who she thinks the world of, and we are looking forward to supporting Saeed into adulthood and a great future.”