Foreign-born mums are giving birth to fewer babies in Swindon.

According to the Office for National Statistics these women gave birth to 780 children which was 30.1 per cent of births in 2018.

Down from 31.3 per cent of mothers born abroad who gave birth in 2017.

But this was an increase from 21.6 per cent a decade before.

Across England and Wales the rate dropped from 28.4 per cent to 28.2 per cent last year which is the first drop since 1990.

A researcher at Oxford University Dr Marina Fernandez-Reino said: “The total fertility rates of UK-born and foreign-born women are 1.63 and 1.99 respectively, both below the replacement rate – which is the average number of children that needs to be born per woman to maintain a stable population without migration."

“In general, the fertility rate of foreign-born women tends to converge with that of UK-born women as their time spent in the UK increases.”