VEGANS headed to Commercial Road for a festival of food and more yesterday.

The club was hosting Vegan Fest and it quickly filled up after opening.

There were stalls filled with cakes, teas, Indian food, sweets, cosmetics and candles – all vegan.

Karolina Pekala, 30, of Victoria Road, said: “My friend has a stall selling vegan cheese. I’ve only just got here but I’m really enjoying it.

“There are so many things to try and you can learn so much.”

Graz Hahn, 50, of Princes Street said: “I was curious and wanted to take a look around especially at the food. There’s a lot more than I imagined and it’s been great.”

Her friend Sandy Pest has been vegan for six months after being vegetarian for 20 years went along.

The 54-year-old, of Victoria Road, said: “We have seen some stalls that we know about but some new ones. It’s just great because it spreads awareness and gives you an opportunity to see what’s out there.”