A DYSON theft led police to a homeless woman’s collection of Batman throwing stars, lock knives mace and a BB gun disguised as pistol.

Weapons hobbyist Larissa Lydall was living in her car. Stashed in the vehicle along with all her worldly possessions was the collection of nine Shuriken, the pointed throwing stars beloved of Japanese Samurai, two lock knives, a ball-on-chain and the gun.

Swindon Crown Court heard the 23-year-old would not have come to the attention of police were it not for her boyfriend.

He had been linked to the theft of a Dyson vacuum cleaner from the Leekes furniture store in Melksham. It was only when officers searched Lydall’s car that they stumbled across her small arsenal, which had been collected by her or given as gifts.

Prosecuting, Hannah Squire said the throwing stars had been wrapped and boxed up. She was of previous good character and there was no suggestion she had ever brandished the weapons in public.

Lydall, formerly of Frome Road, Trowbridge, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, possession of an imitation firearm and theft.

She received an 18-month community order with requirements to complete 125 hours of unpaid work and 10 rehabilitation activity days.

Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “You had left your family home perhaps in circumstances that were less than ideal. You were living and sleeping in your car. You had with you pretty much all your worldly possessions.

“That included two knives given to you as a gift, stars which you had been collecting and this mace because it’s some sort of hobby.”

He said Lydall had foolishly got herself involved in the shoplifting offence: “It is sad, really, to see you in this position.

The judge added: “With a little bit of help and direction you are unlikely to come back before the courts.

“Don’t let me down with the trust I have put in you.”