GREAT Western Railway is finally pumping out flood waters from a Warminster Station underpass following complaints from commuters.

Rail users said the underpass entrance and exit to Warminster Railway Station car park has been badly flooded for the past two weeks with rainwater at least one foot deep.

Both Network Rail and Wiltshire Council had said the flooded underpass was not their responsibility.

One commuter, Mrs Tracy Bennett, 56, from Sutton Veny, regularly travels from Warminster to Bath Spa railway station to work.

Mrs Bennett, of Glebe Farm Cottages, works as a test analyst for a financial services company Altus and commutes between Warminster and Bath Monday to Friday.

She said: "It has been a big issue. Any walking would have to wade through. It's really deep.

"This is also the only disabled access to Platform 2 - if you can't haul yourself up the steps to the bridge, you'd have to use the underpass to get to the car park.

"It has been an ongoing issue for over two weeks now and is impassable on foot and dangerous when driving.

"This is a single track road under the bridge with a bend both before and after the flooding. which is adding to the hazard."

GWR spokesman James Davis said: "It seems it is an underpass and not a road and it is our responsibility.

"There are pumps in place to remove the water, and a drainage specialist contacted to assist with this when the pump/s is not adequate.

"Our contractors are investigating further to find out if there is an underlying cause such as a blockage/broken pipe etc to seek a resolution."

Mrs Bennett added: "It's not even winter yet. I hate to think how bad it is going to be allowed to get.

"I couldn't even get into the car park this week, the flooding was too deep for my car to manage.

"As I pay for my parking by monthly direct debit it's annoying to be paying for something I can't access.

"But it must be even more annoying to be disabled and not able to cross to the other platform to catch a train you've paid for."