SISTERS Melanie Wellbelove and Helen Hopgood are staying positive despite hearing the shattering news that Helen is unable donate a kidney to her beloved sibling.

The women from Devizes had hoped that Helen, 46, would be a good enough match to be able to help change her sister’s life but now they are holding on to the belief that a paired pool programme will allow operations to go ahead next year.

Under the scheme Mrs Hopgood would give her kidney to a stranger allowing Mrs Wellbelove to receive a kidney from another donor who is a perfect match.

Mrs Wellbelove, 48, who is manager at Route 2 Fitness Gym on the Hopton Industrial Estate, Devizes and is married with two children, said: “When we were told the news that Helen was not a good enough match by our consultant it was really gutting.

“She had lost so much weight and done everything she could to be fit enough for the transplant.

“But I am so grateful that she is still prepared to go through this so I can hopefully get a new kidney in January.

The sisters will still go into Southmead Hospital in Bristol together and have operations on the same day.

Mrs Wellbelove said: “She will still be doing this for me but she will also be making a huge difference to someone else’s life.”

Mrs Wellebelove is still working full-time at the gym despite having to undergo dialysis four times a day.

She suffered another setback in recent weeks when her hopes that an overnight dialysis treatment would make life easier were dashed.

She said: “ I was starting to feel sick and I was building up fluid in my legs and ankles. I decided to go back onto my original dialysis and I am now feeling better each day.”

She even hopes to take part in a charity Spinathon to be held at the gym next month.

Her sister said: “Melanie keeps telling me how wonderful I am for offering to do this but I know she would do the same thing for me. She has been wonderful through all of this.”