PEDESTRIAN crossings and speed limit changes are on the cards in Hilperton, after locals say the roads are unsafe and drivers need to slow down.

The Parish Council and Wiltshire Council are looking ideas for change: on the main A361 road through Paxcroft Mead, the parish council wants a lower speed limit on the stretch from Lacock Gardens to Devizes Road at one end, and a new pedestrian crossing at the Elizabeth Way junction on the other, as there are concerns about speeding along the road.

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “A controlled crossing point would not be able to be implemented so close to the junction, which means many users would likely continue to cross at the existing refuges anyway. Any controlled crossing at these locations would not only fail to generate sufficient demand, but would likely present additional safety concerns.

The parish council also wants changes on Devizes Road to prevent it being used as a rat run, and a redesign is planned for the mini-roundabout at the King’s Arms junction at the bottom of Marsh Road.

Parish council chairman Ernie Clark said: “A survey has gone out to residents this week to get their views on what they would like to happen. There is only an infinite amount of money from the council we can get. If anyone has any solutions to the traffic problems, we’re happy to hear them.”

The council says it is open to suggestions from residents about how to improve the flow and safety on roads.

Cllr Clark said they would like a speed reduction of 20mph from Lacock Road-Devizes Road, keeping it in line with the current 40mph limit on the rest of the A361 Hilperton Drive.

He said the original plan for the King’s Arms roundabout was “a lot of money to spend for little improvements to the original layout. Wiltshire Council should come up with something better.

“The village has a speed watch scheme so more volunteers would be appreciated.”