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Museum for Morrisons?

With the confirmation from Morrisons’ in Wednesdays SA that they are closing their Regent Circus branch, that begs the question of how the site will be utilised.

If a retailer of Morrisons’ experience has struggled to make the site viable, it seems likely that other retailers will be wary of taking it on, so a non-retail option seems most probable.

One answer (which has the virtue of being a definite asset to the town) is that it could be taken over by Swindon Borough Council and upgraded to be the replacement for the excellent (but very cramped) museum in Old Town.

The costs of this would be far more affordable than a brand new purpose-built building, as it would need only internal re-configuration to accommodate its new function.

Additionally, with its much greater size than the existing museum, it would mean far more of the stock of exhibits could be on view than is currently possible.

There is an added bonus in that provision for disabled access (almost non-existent at the present museum) would be greatly improved.

The physical location of the site is close to the excellent library and together with that, the two entities could form the nucleus of a ‘culture hub’ for the town.

We know that council finances are tight.

But given that this option is so very cost effective, this is an all too rare opportunity that Swindon Borough Council should seize without delay.

Douglas M. Jacobs, Eastrop, Highworth

USA was our friend

It seems that Howard March has a intense dislike to the U.S.A.

As for stabbing our neighbours in the back, the majority of this country want to rule ourselves, we are the third highest contributors to the EU, and that is the main reason why they are making every effort to keep us in.

Back to the USA. Yes they did make us a massive loan that took us years to repay, but they also loaned us millions of troops, army, navy and air force to fight with us, and millions never made it back to their homeland.

Just go the cemetery near Cambridge and look at the hundreds of names on the honours boards.

Had that not been so, you and I along with the rest of Europe could well have been still under Jackboot Rule!

So Mr March I might suggest you take a little less dislike, and try to realise that we too have faults and as a country we too have done things we are not proud of.

John Oliver, Brooklands Avenue, Swindon

Beauty in town centre

I would like to say a big “Thank you” to all those involved in the beautiful hanging baskets that have been displayed in our town centre.

Swindon gets such bad press from many, whether it be TV from “Have I got news for you” and others or local people who say “I never go into town, its so depressing” or “All the shops are closing down.”

I ask, why not get to town and see the hanging baskets?

They are huge, colourful and so many of them. You will see them in Faringdon Road, Havelock Street and all through the town centre.

I would like to know how many there are.

They won’t be there for much longer when the frosts come.

It would be nice if there could be evergreens over the winter and bulbs in the spring but that may be too big an ask!

However, to the local council, local businesses and to those who have done the planting, well done and keep up the good work.

Sue James, Nine Elms, Swindon

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