ALDBOURNE has declared a climate emergency to acknowledge the seriousness of the threat posed by climate change.

The Aldbourne Parish Council is taking action to encourage and support the village and its community to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The climate emergency motion passed was proposed by a new group, Carbon Neutral Aldbourne, set up in June by residents. 

A volunteer with Carbon Neutral, Eleanor Williamson said: “A group of us got together to start Carbon Neutral as we are concerned and agreed we should be doing more. We’re working our way around the residents getting them to check their carbon footprint and look at their own lifestyle and habits to cut back. Anyone can take part, but the carbon foot printing project is for local people only.

“The hope is that Aldbourne can be carbon neutral by 2030, reduce carbon emissions and plant trees so space for nature. We want to raise awareness so there will be more local events to get the word out.”

Launched this month, their Carbon Foot Printing project aims to calculate a figure for Aldbourne’s current emissions. They want this to be used to set reduction targets and measure progress each year. Anyone can work out their carbon footprint.

Ros Oswald, from the group said: “This is a fantastic result which really demonstrates the council’s commitment to the residents and future generations. Recognising that this is a climate emergency and putting in place plans to cut emissions as quickly as possible is crucial at this stage. 

“We plan to help people to do this in a variety of ways including helping them to switch energy suppliers, identifying opportunities for generating renewable energy and encouraging tree planting. Cutting carbon is a major part of what we want to achieve but we also believe that this is about far more than carbon emissions.” 

“The recent loss of biodiversity is shocking, and we want to work with people in and around the village to make the most of our green spaces and to create a village where people and other species thrive.” 

The Council is not alone in their concerns and their declaration follows similar actions made by the UK government and many councils.Wiltshire Council declared a climate emergency in February and was recently named most climate-friendly council in England and Wales’ by Friends of the Earth. 

There are several factors that can affect the size of your carbon footprint. The food you eat, how and where you travel and how you power your home all contribute to the impact on the planet. 
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