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Jail more attractive than paying TV licence fee

I see that the BBC are going to go back on their promise and charge over 75s for the TV licence fee!

This will affect over a million older viewers and will ensure that the dreaded BBC are going to collect some extra - £154,056,000-00.

Yes, that’s right, just off these million pensioners.

This on top of the fees that it gets from the rest of the country. All the normal people who are paying their taxes on top of this hidden form of taxation.

When we look at the amount the BBC gets from this hidden taxation we are amazed at the vast amount of money that the BBC is getting from Joe Public.

And for what?

To pay some of these executives vast sums of money for doing next to nothing.

And again we have these so called presenters?

Ex footballers who are rich enough already, but are getting well over a million each a year in salaries plus no doubt expenses.

Yes everybody seems to get expenses today!

Fiona Bruce is another. She took over Question Time and made it an instantly forgettable programme. Yet her salary is more per annum than you will earn in a lifetime.

Me? I would rather go to jail than pay this.

In jail you get three square meals a day, free television, a room and bed, a gymnasium, library and good health care, central heating, plus you don’t have to pay rent or council tax.

In point of fact you are far better off as a prisoner than as a pensioner.

Better looked after. Well fed and don’t have to wait weeks to see a doctor.

Sounds pretty good to me.

So when are we, all of us going to wake up to the fact we are being conned by all the luvvies at the BBC.

Prison? Roll on, can’t wait.

Politicians rabbit on about the welfare state.

Yes its well fair for them, it`s for Joe Public though is it?

If you feel strongly enough about being ripped off why not get in touch with your MP and ask him where he stands on this.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Neighbourhood Watch meetings must return

We see in the Advertiser people complaining about the conditions on all sorts of different things happening in the town.

We used to have the neighbourhood watch in different communities.

When we had a neighbourhood watch meeting once a month, we discussed problems with the police and councillors.

We seemed to get more done that way.

The community is the eyes and ears of the police and council.

The police pledge states there should be a meeting with the people at least once a month.

Now that the police are going to get more funds from the government, it could be started up again.

Mr M Small, Poulton Street, Gorse Hill, Swindon

NHS response was fast and understanding

On the 11th September my husband passed out in our home.

I have cancer and am only seven stone, my husband is 20 stone.

I called 999. Paramedic was here within five minutes, ambulance within nine minutes. They not only looked after him but me also.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Kim, Henry and Sofie. You were the most caring, understanding people I’ve known. Thank you. I will never hear a bad word against the NHS.

C Macieszonek, Commercial Road, Swindon

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