Malmesbury School Science department are celebrating after their YouTube channel reached a million views.

Senior curriculum leader Gabrielle Peers-Dent explained that the initial idea for the channel was as a way for Malmesbury School students to revise the required practicals for the new GCSE and help them catch up if they were absent.

She said: “We couldn’t have imagined how successful our channel would become though.

"Very quickly we started to get messages from students and teachers around the country asking for us to film more.

"We were complimented on the quality of the videos and the clarity of the explanations."

Since starting the channel, the department has posted 57 videos and now has over 8,000 subscribers.

One of the channel's older videos about osmosis has over 96,000 views.

Physics teacher, Huw Rees, took on the challenge of producing the videos.

He said: “Our science faculty does amazing work every day due to the expertise of the teachers and it’s a delight to see this work having a wider influence and benefitting young people all over the world.”

Messages have been received from far and wide including from a project in Zambia.

Shulegenie is a solar powered e-learning platform which are now utilising the YouTube videos with the aim to reach 15,000 students who have never seen the inside of a lab before.

“We are extremely proud of our science staff at Malmesbury School, it is wonderful to know that they are not only inspiring our students here to love and study science but teaching students around the world," said. Tim Gilson, executive headteacher.

The channel continues to grow with the staff now busy filming A level science practicals.

To view any of the videos, go to: