THEATRE Square has more than its share of venues which deserve a bigger place in the public consciousness.

The old Post Office building, for example, is home to Artsite, where all manner of creative people showcase and develop their talents in drama, music, happenings, visuals and a long list of other things.

Then there’s the Museum of Computing, whose exhibits range from primitive adding machines to that beeping game you always wanted from the autumn-winter Argos catalogue when you were a kid.

Next door to the Museum of Computing is another place which, if not exactly a hidden gem, isn’t exactly a high-profile one, either.

I rate Casa Del Burger at 9 out of 10 purely on the basis that 10 out of 10 would represent some mythical eating place so utterly perfect that there would be no point in going anywhere else ever again.

Casa Del Burger isn’t that, but this little American-style takeaway and home-delivery place has what is easily some of the best food I’ve tasted - whether in a restaurant or other establishment - anywhere in or near Swindon in years.

The town isn’t short of decent food for people who know where to look, and most of us keep a small mental tally of places we’d cheerily recommend to anybody new in town who didn’t want to be left unimpressed, ripped-off or both.

Casa Del Burger, however, is an example of a rather rarer beast - a place we feel the urge not just to recommend but to evangelise.

Ever the sort to be late to a party, I didn’t try Casa Del Burger until a few months back, when I was in that neck of the woods for an Artsite event.

I’ve eaten from its extensive menu many times since then, usually ordering home delivery.

The dishes are hearty and generous, and Casa Del Burger is as proud to boast of its locally-sourced ingredients as it is of its perfect food hygiene rating.

Among those dishes are too many favourites for a comprehensive list, but the one I keep coming back to is the Philly Jalapeno Burger (£7), which comes with two patties, plenty of onions, peppers and cheese - and more than enough chillies to justify the name.

It is one of what the place calls its signature burgers; the list includes the Mozzarella and bacon-laden Massachusetts Triple M (£7), the chicken breast-based San Francisco Valley Burger (£7) and, for people with the appetite of a T-Rex, the Casa BIG CAHUNA Burger, which comes in at £10.

Burgers form only one section of the menu, though.

Hot dogs range from the simple Nude Dawg (£3), which consists of a Bockwurst sausage as it comes, to the Chicago Chilly Foot-Long and LA Foot-Long at £8 apiece, which come - depending on your preference - with extravaganzas of cheese, bacon, hot sauce, peppers, chillies and other good things.

Among the wraps made by Casa Del Burger, the Burgeritto (£7) is a firm favourite, but like all wraps there it is not for the faint-hearted. Think of burgers, fries, onions, bacon, Mozzarella and generally everything but the kitchen sink in a large tortilla.

There are fries and sides to suit everybody; the Loco Chilli Cheese Fries (£6) suit me very nicely indeed.

Casa Del Burger’s website is, and it also welcomes follows and likes on Facebook.

There are currently job opportunities, and initial inquiries should be made at


Where: Theatre Square, Swindon SN1 1QN

When: Thursday to Sunday, 4pm-midnight. Nightly from November 1

Our rating: 9/10

Food: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: Weather-dependent!

Parking: Paid-for parking nearby

Disabled access: Yes

Just Eat rating 5.1/6