SIX people accused of being involved in a multi-million pound money laundering ring have been acquitted.

A Bristol Crown Court jury took nine hours to find the two women and four men not guilty on all charges after the seven week trial.

The six who were acquitted were: Gino Helvacioglu, 23, of Plymouth Street, Kristian King, 25, of Baillie Close, Tadpole Garden Village, Celia Mazzotta, 75, of Shrivenham Road, Hayriye Mazzotta, 27, of Beckhampton Street, Vahit Oktar, 57, of Collett Avenue, and Adam Phelps, 25, of Commercial Road.

Charges were dismissed against three defendants part way through the trial. The trio were: Daniel Rice, 29, of Granica Close, Joshua Pinsent, 26, of Rutland Road, and Daniel Ricketts, 27, of Marbeck Close.

The case, which had been brought by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, concerned the alleged setting-up of fraudulent bank accounts through which millions of pounds was said to have been laundered.