A SUCCESSFUL slimmer is launching her own health group in Calne at the end of this month to help others ‘ditch their bad diets’.

Julie Warner, from Calne, was prescribed blood pressure tablets back in 2014 and was told she would likely get diabetes if she did not take control of her weight.

The 58-year-old is setting up her own Slimming World group at Beversbrook Sports Facility from October 30 to help others get their health on track like she did.

Mrs Warner said: “My emotional attachment to food started at a very young age.

“My parents would reward us with things like cakes and pastries or chocolate for ‘good behaviour’ and we were always told to finish everything on our plates.

“My parents had lived through rationing and it is as though they were giving us what they had missed out on.”

Mrs Warner described how she was always referred to as a big child throughout school. She recalls always standing out from the crowd as she was also taller than classmates.

She continued: “I was very fortunate that I was quite confident, but was always aware that I stood out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. My love of sport is probably what kept me from becoming very obese through my teenage years, but my reliance on food as a comfort stayed with me well into adulthood.”

Having moved to Calne, Julie returned to the group and is proud to have now lost five stones and seven pounds since the beginning.

“I saw a sign for Slimming World at our local sports centre and I decided I needed to join. I was now on medication for my blood pressure and I didn’t want to develop diabetes, which I knew I was close to doing. I have never felt so welcomed or reassured.

“I still attend group and always will. I get the support to help me stay at target, and its an honour to support other people, which is why I decided to take the next step and become a consultant myself.

“You will never be judge or criticised. I cannot wait to support people to achieve their dream weight through Food Optimising. Coming off of all my blood pressure medication, and not developing diabetes, is something I am grateful for and I would never have achieved this without Slimming World.”

Mrs Warner starts her group at 5.30pm and 7.30pm and can be contacted on 07484 664209.