WE brought the news to you that a Wiltshire farmland has been used to send a message to PM Boris Johnson about Brexit. Written on a field somewhere in Wiltshire the message ‘Britain now wants to remain’ has been created by a tractor in the land. A video showing the tractor at work has been posted on Twitter by the campaign group Led By Donkeys.

Here is what you had to say on Facebook:

Steve Bucknell: Obviously this farmer has done very well out of the common agricultural policy and single farm payments. Many, many more have suffered under the protectionist, pro-French cost of the EU.

Craig Gingell: As any good carpenter will tell you, measure twice. Cut once.

Rowena Cox: Well it certainly speaks for me and I think it's wonderful. Well done.

Iain Appleford: Have I missed another referendum?

Jeff Kirk: The UK voted out so please respect the vote.

Tracy Bass: This farmer is very misinfored if he's voting for the whole of Britain.

Carole Barter: Not me and many, many more people voted out. So waste of his time and fuel.

Gillian Clancy: Bit late, misinformed and we voted out.

Fiona Neenan: Certainly does not speak for me or 17.4 million waste of a field.

David Choonage: Don't you mean this farmer wants to remain, don't speak for everyone when you clearly have not consulted the people.

Darren Joyce: Does not speak for the majority.

MARCHERS from Devizes and Marlborough demand a second Brexit vote. Hundreds of people from joined thousands of others from around the country to continue the demand for a second referendum. Coaches organised by Devizes for EU took the protesters to London as MPs met for what was billed as a historic day in the House of Commons but ended as a damp squib as no vote was taken on Boris Johnson’s new exit deal.

Eddie Nash: It is the duty of those who have put themselves forward, and have been elected to to be MPs to establish the facts and make the necessary decisions. I cannot understand why, when faced with what they describe as the most important decision facing the country for decades they want to abdicate their responsibility in favour of a vote taken by the public who have little opportunity to access all the facts to make an informed decision.

David Russell: You are welcome to one, once we have left the EU you can then wait 40 years.

Jean Jenkins: And if they don’t win they will want another and another.

Paul Holmes: More re-moaners accept it you lost but i bet their either labour lib dems or momentum all in all they have no clue about democracy.

Neil Connelly: Well since the question of leaving has already been answered. Perhaps if a second referendum is to take place then the choices should be. Leave the EU with no deal. Leave the EU with a deal that does not leave us tied to any EU influence. Problem solved.

Michaela Collings: A second vote will either have the same result, or be fiddled to get the desired outcome. This country is a joke.

Tracy Bass: Some people gave very short memories, we voted 3 years ago, we voted leave and out we should go. I believe if we should have a second referendum, leave with a deal or leave without, sorted.

Shirley Mccafferty: How can they not see we have already voted we cant keep re-voting just because it didn't go their way.

Sarah Cleverley Whitaker: What is the point of democracy if we have another vote.

MALMESBURY pupil has allegedly defecated in a school corridor in protest to a decision to remove the boys' toilet doors. Malmesbury School removed the outer doors of the boys' loos in an attempt to 'ensure all students have safe access to clean toilets'. To try and defy this action, pupils have taken to protesting the change.

James Elliott: Serves them right, respect the toilets get your doors back. It’s called discipline.

David Preston: It's all going down the pan. Stuff happens. Seriously though the school needs to tighten up it's discipline.

Gillian Clancy: That’s insane removing doors. Not right, not dignified.

Smudger Smith: Maybe parents of children ,who feel the need to trash the toilets, can educate them in respect for fellow humans and property then the doors will probably get put back.