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An open letter to MP Robert Buckland

I know that previously you have campaigned to remain and that the referendum result was to leave and you have made it clear you support that.

I know that you believe people WANT brexit over and done with.

However I believe it’s not the majority wanting Brexit done with more that people are fed up with it and want it GONE- not done!

I really feel that a people’s vote is much more democratic, as we now have a deal on the table. We now know what we are voting for.

I honestly feel that the only way to get Brexit done/gone is to have 3 questions on a ballot paper.

1, leave with Boris Johnson’s deal.

2, leave with NO deal.

3, revoke Article 50.

Surely as someone in your position as Justice Secretary you can see this is the ideal solution. It’s fair, no black holes, no lies on buses, it’s democratic for the UK to revisit this with the facts.

We hold general elections every five years because of democracy so why in the name of democracy can we not revisit Brexit?

Please feel free to share among colleagues. I look forward to your reply.

Hayley Leinster-Poole, Swindon

A history lesson

Oh dear, John Oliver. You weren’t paying attention in your history lessons were you?

In 1939 the USA declined to take any interest in yet another European war. In fact there were supporters of Germany parading in American streets. Once the German armies swept through Europe (we never did hear who financed German re-armament in the 30s did we?) Mr Churchill begged President Roosevelt to supply arms to the exposed British Isles but without much luck. The crunch came when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and sank the US Pacific fleet. America immediately declared war on Japan and by association Germany.

At this point Hitler made the mistake of turning to attack Russia and for a while it looked as if he might succeed. Eventually, with a terrible cost to the Russian nation they turned the tide. It was widely accepted that Mr Stalin would not stop until his armies had reached the Atlantic coast.

At this point the USA woke up to realise that not only would this shut off all of Europe with the loss of all US investments but would also effectively close the Atlantic to international trade. So, finally the US had to accept that it needed to do something. With the help of soldiers from all quarters of the world and massive American finance D-Day was made to succeed. Eventually the western and Russian armies met in the middle and slowed Stalin’s ambitions.

So, we still have English as our first language, we are united with those who had threatened us. Over the other side of the Atlantic is another powerful nation that shares our desire for peace.

Regrettably we speak a similar language but this doesn’t mean that we must buy further into their culture. Already we are swamped with American films in our cinemas and TVs, American fast food in our streets, American investments and consequent influence in our commerce and industry and enormous dependence on the American armaments industry. Every two minutes an American built airliner lifts off from a UK runway. Every day we suffer the ramblings of the freely elected and most powerful man in the world.

No John, we are not doomed to be America’s plaything. If we must leave the EU after all this time and expense then we tell our Yankee friends we will make our own decisions and not influenced by simply finance’. On the other hand if we stayed European….!

Phil Eagle, Furlong Close

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