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Brexit needs to be gone

Far from getting Brexit done, voting for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill will just get Brexit started and many years of negotiations and continued uncertainty will follow.

We need to get Brexit GONE in order to focus on other priorities. I cannot accept that the referendum was democratic. What we have learned in the past three and a half years is that it was fundamentally flawed, both sides broke the law and lies were told.

It’s time someone in power owned up to this and did something about it.

Our MPs may have sufficient savings and investments to survive the consequences of this Brexit. The majority of their constituents do not.

Sarah Bowles, Hodson

Am I bothered?

I can’t really be too bothered about politics at present as I voted to leave whatever the outcome, but I can’t understand why certain political parties say that we need a second referendum.

The way I see it, these parties, who are pretty much remainers, will only want a second referendum if the results go their way.

If not, they would try to find a way to reverse our decision if we voted to leave again.We knew it would be difficult as, if we had a successful leaving option, lots of other countries would do the same I feel! Over many years we have found out how this union has worked! I’ll leave it there.

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Workers’ rights remain

Remain supporters keep saying that the deal got by Boris Johnson damages workers rights.

The truth is that the deal presented by Boris keeps workers rights exactly the same as they are today for at least the next three years.

If the deal is approved Britain moves smoothly into a transitional of up to three years when our relationship with the EU remains totally unaltered.

We have three years to discuss workers rights as part of the final trade deal. No aspect of trade with the EU will be altered until the final trade deal has been agreed with the EU and that will not be done till 2022.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Letter prompts hope of a change of heart

I was surprised to read David Collins letter (SA, October 19) which complained of the bloated salaries of a couple of BBC personalities.

For maybe the first time ever I found myself agreeing with him, although his mashing of the complaint with inaccurate comments about prison was bizarre.

But then I remembered David’s history of Adver letters celebrating big business and justifying the greedy thirst for profit of the tiny minority of very rich people who own and run our society.

He has waved the flag for the class society behind the great wealth disparities he now complains about and, worse still, opposed all collective attempts by the workers, who actually produce the wealth, taking collective action in an attempt to ameliorate these disparities.

It’s a little sad that after turning his back on real remedies to the issue he refers to all he is left with is, “if you are fed up with being ripped off contact your MP.”

But I hope rather that this is a change of heart and David will join me in whole hearted support of postal workers as and when they take strike action

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

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