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Time to let the people decide on Brexit

It’s time MPs ended this “zombie Parliament” and Brexit, including the possibility and the madness of “no deal”.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson proposes an end to both through a General Election on 9th December.

I agree with her.

Brexit indecision is hitting business, jobs and the economy. Meanwhile our stalled Parliament does nothing about the climate emergency, combating crime, or supporting our NHS and social care‎.

We demand better for Britain and I demand better for North Wiltshire.‎

Let’s sort Brexit at the ballot box.

We want and have fought for a People’s Vote between the final Brexit deal and the best deal of remaining in the EU.‎

Polls show voters agree.

Sadly, Tory and Labour MPs have not.

So it’s time for a General Election.

The next North Wiltshire MP will be a Lib Dem or a Conservative.

A Lib Dem MP here will help form a majority Lib Dem Government. That means we stay in the EU and end the uncertainty.

According to Bloomberg on 11 October this would deliver a massive £85 billion economic boost, and that is the way to end austerity!

A Conservative MP would help form a majority Conservative Government.

That means a bad Brexit deal if one can be had, even more years of tortuous trade negotiations, yet more austerity and the probable break up of our country.

The choice here and for Britain is very clear.

So let the people decide.

Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire

It’s not just Turkey that has been an aggressor

Steve Halden in his recent letter (Invasion must be halted) rightly says “that a hundred thousand Kurds have had to leave their homes due to bombing by the Turkish air force.”

Steve then writes “What makes this even more shocking is that a NATO country (Turkey) is the aggressor.”

Why should you be shocked that a NATO country is carrying out such acts of aggression?

NATO is a military alliance made up of twenty-nine countries and is an alliance that over many years have been guilty of carrying out acts of death and destruction around the globe.

The most recent escapades in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had dire consequences for millions of people, with human suffering being seen on an unimaginable scale.

Let’s not forget Steve that three of NATO’s members, Britain, France and the U.S., have been supplying Saudi Arabia with billions of pounds worth of arms and equipment for the last four years allowing them, Saudi Arabia, to carry out the bombardment of Yemen causing death, destruction and famine on a devastating scale.

Martin Webb, Swindon Road, Old Town, Swindon

Manners maketh man and ex-servicewoman

As a former British Army Officer Ms Sarah Church should realise that Member for South Swindon is not one of her former squaddies,

She should, if she knows anything about good manners, not refer to him by surname alone but by one of the following prescriptions, Robert Buckland MP, Mr Robert Buckland MP or the Right Honourable Member for South Swindon.

Good manners cost nothing!

Mick Bray, Leven, Freshbrook, Swindon

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