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Frustration about town’s dwindling future

I’m hoping I can reach out to someone here who is passionate, and deeply frustrated about the state of our council as I am.

I’ve recently read reports signalling what looks the end of the line for Dr Laurie Marsh’ investment ideas for Swindon.

A report by the BBC states: “No reports were produced by anyone acting on behalf of the council when they made the decision to turn away Dr Marsh’s proposal.

Either no formal due diligence was carried out, or it was carried out in such a way that no council officers were consulted and no information was written down and retained.”


Is this true? Is there not more that we as residents can do to voice our concerns?

I know there were a lot of negative comments on your article stating that it’s essentially a whimsical opportunity and won’t come to fruition.

But anyone with an ounce of sense would recognise that this is what Swindon would need to draw focus to the dwindling town.

From the quotes on your article, do people really not understand how a university would bring millions into the town - Nightclubs, renting, public transport, a need for jobs for students, infrastructure in general - the list is endless.


I realise this might fall on deaf ears but I’m just completely outraged that the people responsible for upholding our town and supposedly “enriching” it, would not even consider contemplating such an opportunity.

I would love any information on any steps that can be taken by the general public.

Shenandoah Norman, via email

Brexit result democracy not fascism or populist

Once again we see the ramblings of EU sycophants with the letter printed on October 29 by John Stooke.

Isn’t it funny how the letter starts off referencing the Nuremberg trials?

Because a democratic decision to leave the E.U is not democracy, it’s an act of fascism, mentality of the mob or populism as Mr Stooke kindly referred to it.

Of course if the decision had been to remain that would not of been populism but democracy.

Then we get the problem with the phrases over the line or get the job done.

Yeah I can see the problem, it suggests action needs to be taken to deliver a mandate by the people.

Of course those who wanted to remain would never stoop so low.

Oh wait a minute, Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit.

We did not choose a destination.

We did not have enough information.

People have changed their minds.

I voted to leave E.U and every day my decision is proved correct by points of view like that of Mr Stooke.

Craig Halliday, Rodbourne Cheney

Confused about feeding bread to the ducks

For hundreds of years we fed our ducks and swans bread with no apparent ill effect.

Recent research has now said it is harmful to our feathered friends health and to give them specific bird food.

Now we are told our water birds are starving and urge the public to feed them bread.

Why suddenly okay to do so if it’s bad for their health.

Enlighten me bird lovers. I’m totally confused.

Roger Carey, Trowbridge

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