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A perfect museum

I don’t know if I have the right to comment on the Mechanics’ Institute Institute as I live in Purton but I have always appreciated being able to work in Swindon, firstly in GWR, then Pressed Steel Fisher following on there up to BMW.

Obviously a lot will depend on the state of the building once the survey has been carried out plus what grants are available but I feel that the Mechanics’ Institute would be the perfect place to house the Swindon museum.

There would be plenty of room to display most of their exhibits and also to show the history of the Mechanics itself.

You have the Bristol Street car park just across the road where the two, three and four shops used to be in the GWR works, also you are on a bus route.

What a day out to visit the Swindon Museum then go through the main tunnel to the Steam Museum, also there are the National Trust headquarters and then, if you have any time left, there is the Outlet Village to explore.

Tony Price, Purton

Badgers aren’t the issue

Over the past seven years now there has been a government endorsed slaughter carried out in our countryside paid for out of taxpayers’ money, despite the fact that most object to it.

There has never been any evidence that badgers have anything to do with bovine tuberculosis in cattle, but there has been scientific evidence come forward to suggest that bTB could well be down to bad and negligent farming practices, and that badgers are being used as a convenient scapegoat.

The answer to bTB is strict controls over movement of livestock and farming practices, together with vaccination programmes.

The problem of bTB has worked very successfully in Wales, Scotland and Derbyshire without any culling of these beautiful creatures. If vaccination can work in those areas it can work anywhere else, so these culls are not only cruel, they are pointless.

Badgers are supposed to be a protected species, so let’s put a stop to this barbaric policy, and see vaccination used instead. Shame on our two Swindon MPs for supporting this cruel and mad practice.

Peter Bates, Address supplied

No-one really knows

Crikey that was a rant from John Stooke (SA, October 29) and I totaly agree with the Craig Halliday reply 31st October.

It seems to me in my most humble opinion that there are quite a few remain in the EU letter writers who surely must have either a crystal ball or can see into the future because all I keep hearing from the remain brigade is we are all doomed doomed.

I say and once out of the EU the country’s going to rack and ruin we are all going to starve no utilities the country is going to be bankrupt the day after we leave, if you are all convinced this is going to happen why are you still in the UK?

All I can say to the doom brigade is could I possibly borrow your crystal ball or could you take a quick gander into the future for me and pass me via the letters page of course the correct football scores for the football pools the next sets of lottery numbers for both the UK lotto and the Euro Lotto and the winner of the next Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

Let’s get one thing straight, no-one that’s no-one knows what’s going to happen not even a lot of people further up the food chain than you and I, we are not interested in scare tactics me personally I’ll leave that to the kids for trick or treat.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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