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Totally misjudged

First of all, I was appalled at Miroslav Logos comments about why he doesn’t agree with Brexit at all (SA, October 31).

I’ve travelled to 41 countries across Europe which includes everyone in the EU. So, I’ve seen a lot with my own eyes. I’ve been to his homeland, Romania three times, and without being disrespectful, it is significantly different to the UK in so many ways.

Not only that, there are some massive differences between other member countries too, let alone those trying to get in as well.

He says it was voted for by the older generation who are stuck in their ways, have no knowledge of economy, low-key racist against Europeans/foreigners. And that the middle/upper class people in the UK would definitely stay in Europe so Brexit wouldn’t happen at all.

Well, I’m 56 years old and I voted Out. I presume, based on his words, that I fall into his ‘old’ category? I was employed with one company for 38 years and took early retirement at 55 years of age. So would he regard me as middle class too? And therefore, vote to stay in as well?

Let me tell you, without doubt, I am really offended by his comments. He has totally misjudged the situation entirely if this is perception fellow Swindon’s citizens and how they voted.

He says he has worked here for six years. People like me and many others have paid taxes in the UK for a lot longer than he has and perhaps will ever do, should he decide to stay here.

He complains at not having the right to vote in 2016 referendum or the general election in December because it’s up to Parliament. Therefore his freedom of speech has been taken away.

What right would I have to vote on matters in Romania when I’m not a citizen of that country, even though I could live there, if I wanted to, just like he does here in Swindon. The same situation would apply in any other EU member country as well. So, why does he feel it should be any different in the UK.

I respect people’s views. But one things’ for sure I haven’t changed my mind and I would still vote out. I’ve had great times travelling across the continent but I do not want to be a part of a federal Europe now or ever.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

Not just about Brexit...

The general election is not mainly about Brexit. It’s a chance to be rid of the Tories and begin reversal of some of the damage done by 10 years of Tory and Lib Dem imposed austerity, which was always designed to shift wealth to the rich from the rest of us.

So real pay is lower than it was 10 years ago, and you’re even worse off if you work in the public sector. Local authorities spend nearly £1b less on social care, which you’ll feel acutely if looking after an elderly relative. Child poverty has increased by half a million.

The official paper to Johnson’s cabinet on how worker conditions could be squeezed further, leaked and reported by the Financial Times and desperately denied by the Tories shows the intended direction of travel, towards more generalised sweat shops. (Second Law of politics; never believe anything until it has been officially denied).

This before we get to Schools, where 83% of them will have less per pupil in 2020 than they did in 2015, and hospitals where the increased, but denied, encroachment of private concerns into the NHS continues to accelerate since the Health and Social Care Act of 20102. All while the rich have raked in the cash.

Whatever you voted in the referendum voting now purely on Brexit seems quite blinkered.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

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