FURIOUS train commuters have again expressed anger at one fare to London from Pewsey and Bedwyn stations more than doubling.

Rail users were furious when GWR announced that the cost of using the new 8.17am train, which replaces the 8.10am service from Pewsey to London Paddington, rise from £53.60 to £120 for a return trip.

A meeting of around 70 people took place at Bouverie Hall in Pewsey to discuss the changes, which come in on December 16. 

Dawn Wilson, chairman of Pewsey Vale Rail User Group, said: “It’s a painful situation and I appreciate that this will have a huge impact. It’s the biggest change since 1976. It will be helpful to others knowing we’re taking notes and we will wait and see how it pans out but we’re working on better options.

“People were disappointed with a massive increase as it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. But there is little or nothing people can do. I can see it from both sides. Why should Pewsey be discounted when everyone else is not? But if you’re a passenger it is frustrating. 

“There is an issue because the 8.10am now becomes an 8.17am. From 2004 the 8.10am had what you call an ‘easement’ on the fare because it was the only train between 8am and 10am. 

“But now the 8.17am is peak, the 9.30am is the saver and the 11.30am is the super-saver. It brings Pewsey in line with everywhere else. If people arrange to pre-book they can get discounts.

“We can’t be left out of the changes. It’s not that Pewsey is being penalised, fares have been set up so they are what they are. GWR has done what it can to mitigate the situation so there is little more it can do. There are both positives and negatives for passengers. 

“The fares remain the same at Grateley station as people don’t like the limited options at Pewsey and Bedwyn. But recommendations by south west trains must comply by all stations.

“Residents spoke and said their piece. Everyone was polite and listened, so I’m pleased that Pewsey responded to it so well. 

 “The service is improving and if you book a seat you do get that, there are massive changes. Pewsey sits on a single line so there is a limit to how many trains and we’re constricted by the amount of the trains. 

“It is challenging so we will wait to see how it goes as there will be changes in three years’ time. 

“We will lobby government to the best of our ability about the fare increases.” 

This move has led some to call into question the Government’s effort with trying to reduce emissions by encouraging people to take public transport.

Ms Wilson said: “We do want better services to Bristol and Bath. We would like cleaner air but to do this they need to invest in another track. It depends how far they want to go. It’s going to cost billions of pounds to make it complete at either end. 

“Currently the capacity for trains is at the limit so it depends if they want to invest in that.”