A GROUP of fresh-faced yobs blasted fireworks towards houses.

Terrified homeowners on Havisham Drive, Haydon End, were kept awake by the teens as they launched the explosives late into the night.

At one stage, the group of up to a dozen hooded youths were said to have fired down an alleyway off the park where they were congregating. They also fired in the air, towards a copse and around the park.

The group was a stone’s throw from an obelisk damaged by fire earlier this year.

Andy Wilkinson, 30, said: “It’s just outrageous. It’s so dangerous to point that sort of thing.

“Thankfully, there was no damage done to properties. But it’s just the sheer danger of it. Anyone walking around or walking out their front door [could have been hit].

“It wasn’t late and plenty of dog walkers use that path.”

The trouble started at around 8.30pm on Monday night, when a few fireworks could be heard going off.

They were said to have set off a firework pack in the basketball court, a stone’s throw from a children’s playground.

Around 15 minutes later, homeowners could hear a series of very loud bangs as the group sent more fireworks streaming into the air.

When the police was called on 101, a Wiltshire Police operator said the force was very busy and it was unlikely officers would be able to get to the park.

The group got progressively more rowdy, it was claimed. They started lobbing fireworks across the field before firing them directly into alleyways between houses.

Police officers attended after a 999 emergency call. The youths scarpered before returning a few minutes later.

The group was overheard allegedly saying they “wanted to fire through an open window”, although it was not known whether they referred to a house or car window.

“I was quite concerned,” Mr Wilkinson said.

A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman said: “We received a report at approximately 9.15pm on Monday reporting fireworks being set off near to houses and cars in Havisham Drive.

“Officers attended the scene but the youths had dispersed. Advice was given to the caller

“Anti-social behaviour involving fireworks could have potentially devastating consequences.”

The force warned that it was an offence to set off fireworks after 11pm and it was illegal for under-18s to be in possession of the explosive in a public place.

“We would always strongly advise members of our communities to go to a publicly-organised firework display and enjoy the spectacle without the safety concerns of organising your own event,” she added.