ALDBOURNE: Faye Keen, of Westfield Chase, appeared at Swindon Magistrates’ Court on October 30 charged with physically assaulting a police officer on September 29. The 44-year-old indicated a plea of guilt and was made to pay a total of £237.

CORSHAM: Ashley Paradise, of Coulston Road, appeared at Magistrates’ court on a charge of fraud and of sending threatening Facebook messages. The 27-year-old committed fraud when he agreed to sell a white Ford Transit to Andrew Smallwood, took a £2,000 deposit and then never followed through with the sale. He did not refund the £2,000 and sold the van to someone else. He then sent messages to Mr Smallwood that were threatening. Paradise indicated a guilty plea and was forced to repay the £2,000 as well as an extra £235 fine.

CHIPPENHAM: Harry Fenwick, of The Butts, appeared in court on October 30 charged with drink driving. The 27-year-old was pulled over, and when breath-tested showed alcohol levels of 81. The limit is 35. He pleaded guilty and was given a three year driving ban and a £642 fine.

CHIPPENHAM: Thomas Keogh, of Signal Way, appeared in court charged with drink driving and driving while not wearing a seatbelt on September 29 on Park Lane. He was caught driving while drunk, and when breath-tested he showed a reading of 64. He pleaded guilty to this charge and also to not wearing a seatbelt at the time. He was given a three year driving ban as well as a £592 fine.

CALNE: Ian Williamson, of Chaveywell Court, was in the dock charged with stealing two joints of meat from Sainsbury’s worth £35.23. He also was charged with shouting threateningly in public. He pleaded guilty to both. He was ordered to repay the price of the meat and was lumped with a further £40 fine.

CHIPPENHAM: Byron Plumb, of Wood Lane, appeared in court charged with assaulting a man by beating him. The 30-year-old entered a not guilty plea at his initial hearing on August 5 but was found guilty at the trial on October 28. He is yet to be sentenced.

WARMINSTER: Aaron Maxwell, of Alcock Crest, pleaded guilty to stalking a woman in Westbury by going to her workplace, constantly messaging her and threatening to kill himself to her. Magistrates will meet again to sentence Maxwell but in the mean time he is not allowed to contact the woman.

CHIPPENHAM: Christopher Taylor, of Oate Hill, appeared in Swindon Magistrates’ Court charged with beating a woman and destroying her phone on purpose. The 32-year-old pleaded guilty to both charges and was slapped with a £245 fine.

CALNE: Nathan Hayward, 28, of King Edward Close, was in court charged with assaulting a man by beating him and for destroying items of the man’s personal property on October 23. He admitted to both charges and was given a £106 fine.

MALMESBURY: Peter Lavery, of Brandiers Farm, was in court charged with damaging a van belonging to someone else on May 11. The 71-year-old entered a not guilty plea at his original hearing in June, but was found guilty in the following trial. Lavery was given a fine of £890.

CALNE: Dominic Paradise, 27, of Oxford Road, pleaded guilty to speeding along the A1302 in Calne. The road has a 60mph speed limit. Paradise was given six points on his driving licence as well as a £383 fine.

LYNEHAM: Andrew Skuse, of Farthing Lane, was caught speeding between junction 15-16 on the M4. The 53-year-old pleaded guilty and was given six points on his driving licence. He was also ordered to pay a £675 fine.

CHIPPENHAM: Oliver Piper, of Wood Lane, was in court charged with multiple counts of shoplifting. He stole alcohol worth £103 and meat worth £108 from Tesco Metro in the space of three days. He was ordered to pay Tesco back as well as a £50 fine.

TROWBRIDGE: Hannah Sandover, of Heathershaw, appeared in front of magistrates charged with carrying a knife. The 20-year-old pleaded guilty to the charge and was given a four month prison sentence, suspended for two years. She was also made to pay a £122 fine.

CALNE: Sean Bailey, of Oxford Road, was in court for a speeding charge. The 44-year-old was caught exceeding a 50mph speed limit on the M5 in Worcestershire in January. Bailey was given a £100 fine.

TROWBRIDGE: Matthew Hibberd, 37, of College Road, pleaded guilty to two counts of damaging property.