More than 180,000 people have signed a petition to ban the sale of fireworks in shops.

Because this number is over 100,000 the issue will be debated in Parliament.

The petition says: “Every year more and more people, animals and wildlife get hurt by fireworks.

“It’s time something was done to stop this.”

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Ian Douglas: “I used to love fireworks but after having several dogs that are absolutely terrified of them, I would love to see their general sale banned.

“Organised displays on specific days so we know when to expect them. They have also been proved to be very disruptive to wildlife and farm animals.”

Fiona Chalk: “Ban public sales and limit organised displayed to a few specific dates each year.”

Leo Swift: “Bonfire night and fireworks are a British tradition and should not be banned. However, the larger and louder fireworks should be for professional displays only.

“Smaller, silent fireworks should be the only ones sold in shops and the age should be increased in order to purchase.

“I also think the shops should not be able to sell them until November 1 and off the shelves from November 6.”

Rachel Stained: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but pets and wildlife have been around for a long time.

“Why is it only now that people have started to complain about fireworks, we have been celebrating Guy Fawkes night for years.

“I’ve been to organised events and find them more stressful than parties at home, I feel safer knowing it’s a family member letting them off.”

Marie Simms: “Fireworks should be banned. Only to be seen at large displays.

“They not only scare pets and wildlife but people with PTSD suffer too.

“Either that or follow in Italy’s footsteps and make them silent fireworks so everyone can enjoy them without scaring the hell our of people and animals.”

Darryl Steer: “We seem to get more worked up these days over if the animals are happy than we do humans. No one cares when I’m trying to get my kids to sleep but everyone is having a garden party until midnight because it’s hot.

“Fireworks night is a celebration of being British and standing up to those that call themselves leaders. We should celebrate it because it’s our history unlike Halloween which is something we have inherited.

“Your pet isn’t going to die, it’s going to be a bit scared. Same as young children and elderly people are when teenage kids go banging on your door begging for money dressed in a scary outfit, but no one is bother about that because they are human. Think we need to get our priorities straight.”

Lesley Mann: “Ban everything but organised displays, no sale to the public.”

Sharon Selby: “The fifth of November is fireworks night, it should only be held on that night, simple.”

Gary Ratcliffe: “Yes, ban public sales. You simply get arrested for carrying knives, why no arrests for carrying explosives.”

Chayce Brown: “How many years have people used fireworks? Why suddenly now does everyone want to ban everything?”

Steve Dickson-Miller: “I just don’t understand why people are wanting to ban fireworks when it’s been a tradition for god knows how long? What’s next, fireworks for vegans?”

Geoff Fulcher: “If they are not banned, perhaps increase the cost of fireworks so that all owners of animals receive free veterinary care for all firework related problems.

“Should only quadruple the cost of fireworks, everyone wins.”

Jennie Wolfie: “Why ban them when you can have silent ones?”