A TEEN murderer told his victim’s family of his sorrow for causing the death of their “special daughter and sister”.

In a letter read out to Bristol Crown Court, 18-year-old Thomas Griffiths spoke of his heartfelt remorse.

Thomas Griffiths’ letter

“I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt remorse for my irrational and unforgivable actions that have caused such utter devastation to the Gould family, friends at Hardenshuish and most importantly the pain I caused to Ellie herself.

“Ever since that dreadful day I have tried to come to terms with what I have done.

“All I feel is remorse for Ellie and her family. After I took such a special daughter and sister away from them. I feel confused and angry at myself about how I was able to hurt someone so special to me and so loving to others.

“I do not understand my actions on that day. I have never been in trouble before.

“At the time my mental health was not good and I wish I had recognised this and had the confidence to talk to my family and ask for help.

“As well as this I would like to apologised to my family who are totally devastated by my actions and what has happened.

“I have truly let myself down and hope one day I will be able to explain to myself and others how and why this happened.

“In the future I want to make a positive change and be a better person. I am so sorry.

“I hope in time I can show how truly sorry I am.”