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Antisocial fireworks

I have a lot of sympathy with the people in Haydon End late after reading that they are being terrorised at night with fireworks flung about by yobbos (SA, November7).

We’ve suffered several weeks of loud bangs and shrieks late into the evening as antisocial types let off fireworks. My kids have been woken up several times. Getting them to sleep again afterwards is a struggle and in the morning they are tired even before they go to school.

We’re lucky our dog is not frightened by all the noise but I know others whose pets are shaking, stressed out wrecks.

The time has surely come to restrict sales of fireworks and for them to be limited to proper displays. That way they can do some good by raising money for charity and people won’t have their nights ruined for days before and after Guy Fawkes Night.

I realise the police resources are stretched these days, but they need to take this antisocial behaviour seriously.

An innocent member of the public is likely to get hurt at some point and property will be damaged if nothing is done to check these hooligans.

Ed Robbins, Stratton

Higher health costs

When Boris Johnson made his Brexit deal, it was not the same deal as Theresa May’s.

He decided to please his rich cronies with his deal and to open the door to cutting the rights of ordinary workers, removing employment rights people now take for granted, making it easier to sack workers, work longer hours and then pay them less money.

Unfortunately that is not all, the door is also open to downgrading environmental protection, to allow his cronies to pollute our air and water supplies directly affecting our kids just to save the polluters money!

He then wanted to ram through his deal in three days to stop MPs finding out exactly what he was trying to smuggle into law.

But it gets worse. Donald Trump is insisting that in any post-Brexit trade negotiations with the USA that the NHS and its drugs are on the table, that the money we pay for US drugs will be much higher and doctors will not be allowed to prescribe cheaper drugs.

The result is that, just like in the USA, those drug companies make huge profits.

The end result is a health service that is impoverished and people die. The USA has the highest death rate from maternity care in the developed world!

This is not Project Fear, unfortunately it is reality.

No wonder the Brexit Party have said “We have government led by someone nobody has ever trusted in his entire career.”

Andrew Milroy, By email

Success or failure

Britain has now been in the EU for 46 years. Perhaps this is a good time to consider whether the period since 1973 has been a success or failure for Britain.

At the present time Britain has a shortage of four million houses. The vast majority of our industrial base has been destroyed. There is a rising problem of people sleeping on the street. Every year more and more people are forced to go to food banks to survive.

I can remember back to the 1960s. This was a time before we joined the EU. During the 60s Britain did not have any of the above problems. Britain had full employment, a booming economy and houses were cheap to rent and buy. This was a golden age for the working class in Britain.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Happy Kidsmas

Families across the UK are beginning to prepare for festive celebrations, but at Barnardo’s our focus is on helping and supporting vulnerable children who may be missing out on the joy of Christmas.

This could be because they are leaving care, have been victims of sexual abuse or have mental health issues. That’s why we’re launching our new Kidsmas campaign to put children at the heart of Christmas.

We’re asking people up and down the country to host a Kidsmas Party at home, school, work or with their local community groups to raise money for vulnerable children.

Our free Kidsmas Party packs include games and fun fundraising ideas to help make your gathering a memorable one.

I encourage everybody to get into the Kidsmas spirit this year by hosting a Kidsmas Party.

Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also help make sure more children are happy, safe and cared for this Christmas.

You can download or order your free pack at

Thank you for your support.

Sarah Crawley, Barnardo’s regional director

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