The Brexit Party candidate for north Wiltshire has been asked to transfer to north Swindon in a bid to oust Conservative MP Justin Tomlinson.

Les Willis has lived in Wootton Bassett and Swindon for many years and claims to have a good knowledge of the area and the problems it faces.

A Brexity Party spokesman said: "We feel that, with his political background, he will have a good chance of unseating the incumbent MP in North Swindon.

"If he gets elected, he intends to campaign to encourage industry to move and start up in Swindon and the surrounding areas to help the skilled workforce being made redundant from Honda.

"He wants to see the creation of skilled jobs in the area to raise people’s standard of living.

"He feels the new policy that Brexit Party have initiated to help create more real apprenticeships will give people who are not academic a chance to train for a well-paid work.

"Les does not underestimate the task ahead of him, but with the help of the many willing volunteers he hopes to succeed in the election.

"He will try and visit as many areas as he can."

A new Brexit Party candidate for north Wiltshire will be put forward soon.