KEY business figures are hoping Swindon will be revitalised by a £25 million grant from the government’s High Streets Fund.

The money would go towards constructing a new bus boulevard in the town centre with green spaces, no underpass and changed pedestrian and cycle routes along Fleming Way.

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Alex Clark: "There's nothing I’d love more than a bustling town centre with lovely shops, but sadly we're 15 years behind the likes of Bristol, Cheltenham and Bath and you can get a return train fare for under £20, I’m sorry to say that Swindon is a damp squib in comparison."

Tom White: "Having a regenerated high street is great, but what about expanding GWH? I appreciate this is out of context with the proposed grant, but I know what I’d prefer."

Thomas Craigie: "A bus boulevard? Hold back the stream of visitors eager to experience the wonders of a diesel bus chuntering up a new road.

"There is a more serious side however. When you consider the council's 'regeneration schemes', what have they delivered? A giant defunct TV with some garden fencing, new paving around the train station and a new car park. Their vision is woefully lacking, track record highly questionable and ability zero.

Dr Laurie Marsh actually had a vision for Swindon – yes set aside the monorail rubbish but other than that, he had a serious, workable proposal. The Tory councillors' problem was that they were too stubborn and embarrassed that someone other than themselves, could put together a highly ambitious plan and make it work. The sooner we lose the current crop of councillors, the better!"

Matt Carter: "The Debenhams building to the left needs taking down and completely rebuilt. A lot of money was spent going from the train station into town to make it look welcoming, but it’s not - a half-lit sign, boarded-up windows and a concrete mess."

Richard Copestake: Problem being, you can spend as much money as you like on 'town centre' with a variety of schemes but the root cause of the 'problems' is stupidly-priced rents for units this stops any form of innovation for 'small business' and stops people even trying.

"The next problem, is the overpriced parking. Why would someone go to town and pay for parking go somewhere else and get parking for free? Our council is so out of touch it's unreal."

Daniel Adams: "It often seems to me that many people in Swindon seem to want it to be a bad place to live, otherwise what would they have to moan about – so many good announcements recently and the majority of comments seem to be disparaging dismissive and derogatory towards Swindon. Why can't people be proud passionate and positive?"

Charlotte Soffe: "If the town centre had more appeal these retail operators wouldn’t consider shutting Swindon stores due to success... many chains that have disappeared from Swindon are still in Cheltenham, Bristol or Bath."

Anthony Whitaker: "I think a lot of people feel let down by numerous failed regeneration plans over the years, whilst neighbouring towns and cities have successfully regenerated their centres. To win over the cynics there will have to be actual delivery on the ground, rather than just CGI graphics, photo montages and ideas. Give them something to be proud of and the civic pride will return."

Neil Stevens: "Many just want to be negative about any news involving Swindon, but I can't help but understand the cynics as Swindon has had many false starts. Regent Circus complex is a fine example – looked great at start but now half empty with GBK, Tiffins and now Morrisons shutting.

"Many pull out of Swindon as don't make enough money along with huge rental prices.

"The Outlet is a rare success story of the last 20 years."