More than a century after Bruce the dog collected money for the family of Titanic victims new paws have hit the streets.

A standard bearer dressed his dog Trim in a poppy coat to collect money for The Royal British Legion.

Richard Hignett has been working with TRBL as a standard bearer for five years and decided to dress the two-year-old collie in a poppy coat to help the charity.

Richard, 65, of Victory Row in Royal Wootton Bassett said: “I thought it would add another dimension to this month of remembrance. Trim gets a lot of attention and she’s managed to collect £40 for the cause.

“I walked up and down the High Street and I think quite a lot of people didn’t realise what we were doing at first but it was lovely and very positive.”

In the early 1900’s a collie from Swindon called Bruce travelled 12,000 miles and collected £25,000 for various charities and for families of Titanic victims.

Trim will be walking the streets again this weekend for Remembrance Sunday.