A CORSHAM ceramicist is commissioned to create a logo for ITV Creates.

The scheme gives 52 artists the chance to have their work shown on ITV for a week. Former police officer turned artist, Jo Taylor, made the sculpture at the studio in her home.

She said: “I went part time to do this and became totally hooked. I always combine teaching with art. I feel this is always what I should have done but I only ever expected it to be a hobby.

“I was contacted by the curator to be involved so I made a proposal back in June. I had to keep it secret for a long time so it’s been hard keeping it under wraps. 
Mrs Taylor’s work was shown from November 4-10 on TV, and is now available to watch on the ITV website.

“The process took about a month as you have to allow drying and firing. I made two in case one broke in the kiln. It was a lot to squeeze in – I didn’t want anything to go wrong. There is a cup on the ‘I’ to represent having a cup of tea during the ads, so a break during the drama,” she explained.

“The sculpture is made from clay porcelain as that’s what creates the fired bits but I mixed the colours by hand as I didn’t want them to fade.

“It was fantastic to be part of and ITV were brilliant, I can’t thank them enough.”

There are plans for the ITV sculpture to be shown locally soon.