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Thank you for helping

A thank you letter from a 63-year-old man to the very kind people who helped me.

At around 1pm last Friday (Nov 8) I was making my way along Canal Walk towards the bus station, quite close to Greggs Bakery, having been shopping. After stopping to sit on a bench in order to use my mobile phone I had a seizure.

These epileptic fits always come upon me without warning and caused me to fall on to the ground. What happened next was later reported to me.

A lady came to my aid and helped me back onto the bench and she was then assisted by a gentleman who had previously worked for the St John Ambulance Brigade. It was he who called for an ambulance.

In my disoriented state I started to look for my mother who I thought had been with me and I then tired to contact her on my mobile.

Only gradually did I realise I had been on my own when this had happened. I must have commented on feeling cold because the lady brought us each a cup of tea whilst we waited for the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived the two ambulance staff, both female, saw that I was recovering and took me home and explained what had happened to my mother.

In my confused state I don’t think I said thank you to these kind people who helped me, hence this letter. Thank you very much, all of you. I am so grateful for your kindness on Friday.

Ken Hunt, Wharf Rd, Wroughton

Back the Legion

A letter in Saturday’s Adver a writer decried the meanness of a store in Swindon which failed to provide a cup of tea for a pensioner collecting for the Royal British Legion. I share the lady’s disgust.

I have fully supported the work of the Royal British Legion through my lifetime which included 31 years in the Royal Air Force, I admire the work it does for veterans and those who have suffered disablement through service to the Crown. But could they do more if the money collected was better utilised? Research shows they employ 38 staff on a salary of more than £60,000 each with nine of these on more of £100,000 each. Why? Money collected, minus expenses, is surely for the veterans and disabled. For those expecting such salaries they would be better directed to the Commercial World.

My respect for my less former service colleagues ensures that I will continue to support the Royal British Legion.

Mick Bray, Leven, Freshbrook

Just not listening

We have yet another example of politicians wishing to ignore the democratic “will of the people”. First, we have seen some Westminster MPs ignoring the result of the Brexit referendum; now we have some local councillors wishing to ignore the result of the ‘consultation’ with the local electorate about the frequency of local elections (SA Nov 7).

Although over 34,000 local people voted (with 68% in favour of four-yearly elections), this was considered too low a percentage of those entitled to vote to be considered valid. So, what would be the magical figure that would be considered valid?

As many of the local elections have had only around a 30 per cent ‘turn out’, would councillors elected in such a vote consider their election to be invalid?!

Also, why do politicians, both central and local, want to turn everything into a Party-political issue? Neither Brexit nor the frequency of local elections has anything to do with Party ideology.

Malcolm Morrison, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Not losing Brexit

UKIP will not be putting up any candidates in Swindon to stand at this general election.

We believe that the two current Swindon MPs are Brexiteers. We want the deal agreed by Boris to be passed in order to get Brexit done.

We believe that we must not split the Brexiteer vote. If the vote is split then Labour will win in Swindon and that could mean that the Brexit we voted for in 2016 is lost for ever.

We may well stand against the Tories in future elections but in 2019 we dont want to split the vote and put Swindon into the hands of a party that supports remain.

Steve Halden, Secretary Swindon UKIP, Beaufort Green, Swindon

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